Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

31st Convention of NAOP
The outbreak of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in 2019 was accompanied by substantial socio-economic and psychological distress worldwide. Restrictions on social activities, threat of serious illness, sudden lifestyle changes, unemployment, and pervasive uncertainty on various fronts have made significant parts of the population vulnerable to negative psychological impacts of various kinds. It becomes important therefore for psychologists, to mobilize resources in order to examine and help implement strategies that promote resilience and mental wellbeing during such a time; especially among socially and psychologically, at the state, community, and individual levels. Given this background, the 31st Annual Convention of NAOP intends to bring together academicians, practitioners, and students to deliberate upon the role Psychological Science in uplifting psychological well-being of stake holders.

The convention will adhere to the traditional structure of previous NAOP conferences with keynotes, symposia, invited panel discussions, oral presentations and posters. It offers a platform for researchers who investigate mind and behavior at several levels of understanding using a variety of approaches and techniques. The convention will focus on various disciplines within Psychology and its allied sciences, and will provide an opportunity for students and professionals to discuss the latest developments in understanding of the human behavior.

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Psychophysiology Laboratory, IIT Bombay
The Psychophysiology Laboratory at IIT Bombay undertakes both basic and applied research using approaches from experimental cognitive psychology, psychophysiology, neuroscience, and criminal psychology.

In the Psychophysiology Laboratory, a high priority is placed on the applied aspect of research, and currently, the topics under study include Prospective Memory, learning disability, depression, medical decision-making and creativity. There is an emphasis on understanding the brain mechanisms underlying these phenomena, so as to use this knowledge to promote healthy living and overall well-being of human beings.

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